Money making online risks

In the next post we will bring you a series of web pages that will help you earn money online to capitalize in your local currency or keep in North American currencies thanks to the use of the Airtm platform. All this will translate your leisure time into earning dollars just by visiting these sites and in some cases you will receive earnings just by playing, something innovative within new technologies and achievable from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, if you are one of those who spend all day on Social Networks (RRSS), then this is surely for you!

Many fear starting in this world of making money online because of how risky it seems, but it is the ignorance of this generation 2.0 that has not allowed the impulse of different ways of making life in new technologies and that in most cases The person who wants to start does not have capital to invest, that is why here we present some options to earn money online without investing.

Now, you may be wondering by now:

Can you earn money in an easy, safe and real way?

Yes, indeed, entering these pages to make money without investing and pages to make money, you can make money watching videos, make money on the internet legally, make money online, make money playing and even make money writing.

What if you have to be clear, before starting this journey into the world of the best pages to earn money, is that first hand you will not get rich, since in most cases the profits are not high.

Dedicating time will allow you to increase your earnings, everything will depend on the website you use, that is, you can find a number of available ads, games, videos or high opportunities, but you may also enter the page you want and do not find anything available that Every day and, finally, there are many scams on the Internet, every day new ones come out to the cloud that propose to pay to see advertising or the activity they indicate and the months disappear without paying.

How to make money online?

Here are some pages that will help you earn income in dollars, as long as you dedicate enough time to raise that income. Let’s go with it:

Earn money watching Advertising:

They are pages that allow you to earn money online just by spending time observing different advertisements or pages (paid to click) PTC, that is, they pay for each click made.


The first 6 portals are connected to the Airtm platform, which allows the receipt of money directly on the page without the need for intermediaries, all this translates into savings in commissions and speed in the transfer of profits.

1.- Neobux

Available worldwide, multilanguage, it remains, since 2008, as one of the best pages to earn money online, just by observing internet advertising.

It is one of the most diverse ways to get money without investing since it allows you to do it in 5 ways:

  • Viewing ads: available daily, with which you will get money and following the instructions correctly.
  • Doing mini-jobs: small actions or tasks that will make you money just by recognizing figures in images. Here you can see a tutorial made by Airtm to manage your mini-jobs offered daily by Neobux.
  • Filling out surveys (there is a new one every day).
  • Playing (you must play for at least 2 minutes and meet other objectives to reach the reward).
  • Offers (performing simple tasks with instructions).

Like most of these portals, Neobux has a referral system that allows you to achieve more profits in less time and with the effort of a group. In order for these earnings to reach an exponential level, you must upgrade your account, going from Standard (free) to Golden (paid).

Here are several recommendations if you take Neobux as your page to earn money on the internet:

For the work done by the referrals added to your account to count, you must see the orange ads the day before, which will appear in your inbox differentiated by colors.To get your first and subsequent payments, you must have a minimum of $ 2. For each payment requested, the minimum will increase by $ 1, until it reaches the fixed amount of $ 10.The payment processors on this page are Skrill or Neteller. If you still do not understand this machinery of making money, actually generating dollars, visit this article from our friends at Airtm and make the most of all the possibilities that this platform offers.

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