Business Plan

How to start a business without risks?

I’m sure you are thinking that this question is rhetorical or your answer sounds “impossible.” Well, in principle it could be a bit like that because really nothing in life is safe. But what I’m trying to tell you this time is how you can start your business minimizing the risks and problems that will surely happen if you are not prepared and thus achieve your dream of becoming an independent professional or a successful entrepreneur without suffering the process. .

Tips for you to prepare before starting :

Get Organized

This is the first tip and it is no accident. If you don’t have a good diagram what you have to do, when, how you will do it, when you will measure itAnd what conclusions have you drawn about it, you can not run a business. At least that’s my vision. This skill is a must. It is the difference between success and failure. But rest assured, it is 100% affordable. It is a matter of method and consistency. Especially if you are in the first phase of your business where you have EVERYTHING to do, not to mention if you still have a job to attend to, the way you invest your hours can make the difference between “I managed to launch my business with a lot of effort” and “I have a hobby but I don’t have so much time to dedicate to that.” Do you want business or do you want hobby? If you want a business, follow these 4 keys and they will help you organize:

Business Plan

Write everything down

Make a list of everything you have to do. Don’t leave small note papers all over your home or office, and don’t try to remember things to do or commitments to keep. Write them down. Have a single information repository . Do you have a physical agenda? Use it. Do you have an electronic agenda? Okay. Do you have a notebook and earrings? Very good. Do you have all three? Choose one! Write down everything, commitments, tasks and pending, in one place.

Distribute the tasks . This means choosing when you will do each thing. The commitments are marked with date and time, but your earrings are not. Plan when you will do each slope, and if you have no idea when … just … plan it. When that date comes, you will. You will not leave it for later. Of course, when planning, consider how much time you have available and what other things you have to do. And don’t forget the due dates for certain tasks!

Evaluate and correct . End the week by reviewing what you had planned and what you have actually done. Didn’t you do half the things you had planned? Maybe you were very demanding, and it suits you to be more realistic. Plan your new week considering what you have learned in the previous week.

Test your product / service

It sure happens to you that you want to start a business, you have a business idea but you ask yourself: will it be interesting for my market? Will they buy it? Of course, there are factors such as a well-defined niche, differentiation and specialization, and more that help you minimize risks and better define your product. But nothing is certain. How about you try it first?

The best thing you can do is build a prototype . What is this? A preliminary product. Attention that you can also do it with services. It is a product / service that does not require a lot of investment and that you can try among your market (with a great offer, as a gift, in short, with the idea of ​​market penetration that occurs to you) and discover if you are going for the right way or you will have to make more adjustments.

In no way does this mean it is of low quality, that will be your final judgment. But if you design a small product or service, without many accessories and test it in the chosen market, you will know if it has potential and there you can invest to improve it.

Can’t you think how to do it with a service? For example, if you sell advisory services of any kind, invite your ideal audience for a free talk or a special 2-hour class on the subject you advise. Did it cost you to get participants? Have they been interested in the theme of what you offer? Doing this 2-hour talk will not take long and you can have a very good test of whether the service you are trying to give can work or if you should make any adjustments. Don’t discount your idea the first time. You always have time to evaluate, correct and relaunch.

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