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Try yourself as an entrepreneur

Many people say “my dream is not to have a boss.” But if you don’t have a boss, you are your own boss , do you know what it means? Sure, you can make the decisions you want and not be accountable to anyone. You can put a price on your own work and define strategies. You can organize the time as you want and choose whether you get up and go to work, or stay in bed watching TV.

But running a business requires organization, perseverance, clear strategies, constant evaluation, decisions at the right time. And you are in charge of all of them. What will you do if the strategies you have considered do not work? How will you get more customers to pay the price you expect? What will you do when the ideas you have today are finished? All this will depend on you. And you can do it, I assure you. The question is if you want to do it.

Business ideas

Some people try and realize that they don’t have “wood” to be their own boss. They prefer to go to work every day at the same place, to have someone else organize them or tell them what they have to do, a fixed salary at the end of the month, not feeling any responsibility for the company’s clients or employees ( no income, you go bankrupt and you must untie your employees) and cut at the end of the day completely forgetting about work (something that entrepreneurs do not know when they start is when their day ends … it is natural, they are launching their business and they work, work and work).

It may or may not be your case, but be prepared to find out and act accordingly. If you have the possibility of taking a license or trying your business in some way before finally launching into the water, I recommend it.

Organize your finances

I would love to be able to emphasize this point not only for your own business but for your life . Having a detailed and always up-to-date Financial Planning of your home and your business, is what makes the difference between having or not having.

With this detailed financial planning you will be more aware of your income, your needs and expenses. You will know exactly how much you pay in interest on overdrafts, or credit or loan cards that you could pay off (if it suits you) and you will even know if you have surpluses that you could be reinvesting in your business or in some of the financial instruments that exist in the market.

But especially when you decide to launch and quit your job, you should know that you have to prepare a savings fund for all your needs that goes from a minimum of 6 months to a year in order to support you. And you must also remember that to grow a business you must invest, with which you must also take into account that amount.

Invest, but with intelligence

When you start a business, try not to have any fixed expenses . What is this? A rental from an office or a permanent employee, for example.

It is easy to say that you should delegate and thus give others to do what you do not do well or do not like. But, if you are just starting out, who will you delegate toHiring an employee to whom to delegate at the initial stage of a business is too high a risk.

If you are just being able to generate an income that covers your expenses, how are you going to pay your salary too? What about your social security and other taxes or social charges? Delegate, yes. But outsourcing. There are many people who work “by project” or “for work” and this is what is known as “freelancers”. You hire them for a specific job, you pay them for that specific job. You have no commitment or continuity. It is a service provider. Test it. On the internet you will find many options.

Another fixed expense that you should avoid at the beginning is your own office . You can work at home or share the office with a colleague. Or you can rent a temporary or part-time / module office . There are hundreds of ideas you can explore to find novel ways of doing things, spending just enough and necessary.

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