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Business Ideas for Animal Lovers in 2021

After 2020, when only pet owners were allowed to walk during the period of self-isolation, the number of “fast entrepreneurs” increased several times. We’re talking about massive offers to rent out your pet for an hour or two. And the prices for such rent were set without hesitation. The pandemic is over, there are fewer offers. But this is not the main thing. And the fact that business, if you love animals, you can really do. And the options are not one or two.

When the question arises of which business is directly related to animals, a pet store comes to mind. This is standard. This is common. But beyond the obvious business ideas, there are plenty of off-the-beaten-track ideas. Let’s talk about those and others in more detail. Forward!

Business Ideas for Animal Lovers in 2021

Popular pet business ideas

Hotel for pets
The idea is not new even for Russia. But it is still fresh enough to be able to enter the market with it without fear of competition or lack of potential customers. Especially in big cities.

The concept is as simple as three kopecks. You offer services to dog and cat owners who need to go somewhere. Business trip, vacation, weekend, vacation, a trip to relatives in Syzran. Never mind.

And the important thing is that people do not always have the opportunity to take a pet with them, or leave it to one of their friends and relatives.

The concept is simple, but it needs to be taken seriously. Because if a person leaves you a dog or a cat, he wants to be sure that the dog or cat will be comfortable, comfortable, calm and not in danger. Therefore, the business is built, including on good service. For both clients and their pets.

Large cities are indicative in this regard. The demand for such services is growing rapidly. And since the cities do not set any special conditions for launching such a business, entrepreneurs are slowly starting to master this segment.

A small room is suitable for starting. The main thing is to equip it carefully and focusing on needs. Investments at the start of your business will depend on the format of such a pet hotel. Well, the larger the area, the more animals you can accept at a time. On the other hand, we must not forget that the number of required personnel will also increase.

Dog walking

A similar idea, which is also based on the pet owner’s need for someone to look after their pets. This time, not at the time when they are leaving somewhere for a few days. And for a while, while the owners are at work, or just very busy. This is especially true for dogs. After all, they need to be walked, regardless of the weather or the circumstances.

In America, for example, such a business has been flourishing for a long time. You could even see how common it is in various films and even in foreign cartoons.

To understand how suitable you are for this job, how difficult it is to find clients, how you can promote your services, what you need to foresee – we recommend starting small. From walking one or two strangers’ dogs. And be sure to ask for feedback later. Moreover, word of mouth in this matter is the most successful way to replicate information about yourself.

For entrepreneurs who have already eaten on this … who already know how to build such a mini-business, you can expand the scale by hiring other walkers.

Dog playground

But this idea has not yet taken root in our country, but it may well become the near future. The problem of dog walking in large metropolitan areas is acute. And it can be solved by private areas equipped for walking dogs. They actually solve a lot of problems. And not only among the owners of pets, but also among others, who are often disturbed by people with pets on the street.

This playground looks like a children’s playground. It can also be fenced off. And of course, provide everything you need when walking a four-legged. Dog training devices, tunnels, obstacles, jogging and toilet space.

It is better to rent land for such a business near the sleeping area, where walks take place. Moreover, interestingly, such a business is easily scalable. You can develop it by offering clients the services of professional walkers, trainers, and also work in conjunction with suppliers of pet supplies.

Animal beauty salon

Another idea that came to us straight from the West. However, unlike the same walking area, beauty salons have already become popular. Especially in large cities, where people prefer not only to take care of their pets, but also to make them stand out from the rest. Also, do not forget that there are many potential clients among those who raise participants in dog and cat shows.

As in the case of salons for a person, an entrepreneur will have to equip his outlet with professional equipment and find craftsmen. You will not have to write them out from abroad. There are some in Russia, and you can also find courses.

In general, from a business point of view, your salon will hardly differ from an ordinary beauty salon. Is that the specifics of customers and supplier companies. In the same way, it will be necessary to build a marketing development strategy, to hit target customers with advertising, focusing on high quality service, and to develop.

Pet search service

Reports of missing pets are common. Previously, printed sheets with photos could be found on every pole. Now there are many of them on the Internet. Especially in social groups that exist for each city. It is about the fact that there are always a lot of people in need of professional help.

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