Choosing Between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Hosted

Of the many business accounting solutions currently available, QuickBooks is undoubtedly the most popular software application. Thanks to its robust features, QuickBooks offers competitive advantages to small and medium-sized businesses, especially when it comes to managing and keeping track of regular business transactions. As a matter of fact, QuickBooks makes bookkeeping much simpler. The implementation of QuickBooks can help turn complex accounting processes into much simpler forms.

Global businesses have turned to QuickBooks hosted by a third-party hosting company because it offers a significant number of benefits over QuickBooks online. However, you’ll want to take a few considerations into account should you decide to take this path. Find more about these considerations below.

Which is right for you between hosted QuickBooks and QuickBooks online?

The desktop version of QuickBooks was initially the only effective option for users. Although this was mainly because of its ease-of-use, it had other exceptional features. Although QuickBooks online came much later, offering a slightly different user interface and varying features, it was nothing other than a cloud-based variant of its predecessor.

Today, users will find QuickBooks hosting more useful than QuickBooks online. This is because hosted QuickBooks allows users to leverage all of the features offered by the desktop version to the fullest, which is oddly restricted in the online version.

Many of us are confused about which of the two options is right for them. Hosted QuickBooks is probably the best possible solution since it comes with all the benefits of hosting and at the same time includes the maximum features offered by the desktop version.

The impact of upgrading to hosted QuickBooks

Hosted QuickBooks brings with it a number of benefits. As it stands, anywhere, anytime access is the first and most important advantage. This means that users can access their QuickBooks accounting software from any device of their choice irrespective of their location. In addition to automatic software updates, users will have their QuickBooks available at all times with their service providers giving them full uptime assurance.

Most importantly, users will get expert technical support, ensuring their accounting software applications are kept up and running at all times. Even so, you’ll probably have to train your team on proper cloud practices if you choose to host your QuickBooks on the cloud.

The importance of choosing the right QuickBooks hosting company

This is the most important decision. In fact, it could make or ruin your entire QuickBooks experience. You must assess your provider’s competency based on their experience, availability, and the level of technical support offered. As a factor, pricing is worth considering, but it should not be a deal-breaker.


Regardless of the size of your business, moving your accounting system to the cloud is the best course of action. Remember, each of the considerations listed above is crucial when going for QuickBooks hosting. As such, it is important that you take them all into account. But as shown above, hosted QuickBooks offers more benefits than drawbacks.

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